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Add Value opened in May 2010 and continues to service home owners and investment properties around Sydney, Australia. Three expert trade professionals: a licensed Plumber, Builder and Cabinet Maker, with over 30yrs experience, have been working together, revamping some of the most cost effective yet high-end quality renovations. Such a result is rare in the modern era of home improvements. 

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Areas we cater for

renovation specialties

Our range of Specialties

waterproofing, gyprock, plaster board, rendering, relocating walls, windows, rubbish removal

Basically we can supply you with anything from replacing a few tiles, a new vanity or toilet, kitchen appliances or cupboard doors and handles, to full strip-outs.

All work comes with a 2 year warranty for non-structural defects and 6 years for structural.

All work comes with a 2 year warranty for non-structural defects and 6 years for structural.



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Improve the Value of your Assets

We offer ongoing consultation to ensure we are realising the design, aesthetic and feel you envisioned for your space. We understand how important the kitchen and the bathroom are to the comfort, ease or sophistication of any home, work or holiday experience. We work with our clients to provide beautiful custom design and clean and refreshed solutions to improve spaces and increase asset value.

  1. Initial visit and design

Before we begin renovating, we will provide a draft design for your review and approval. We won’t undertake any renovation work of your custom kitchen, bathroom or utility space until we are certain we are aligned on the look, feel and intention of the design. We provide an open feedback process for revisions, adjustments and modifications to craft a solution customised to your lifestyle.

Our design and trade experts are available to make your ideas a reality. From the use of space to the fittings and materiality, we want to feel certain that we translate your vision into the final product. Effective planning and communicating creates great work.

2. Quote and plan

We provide you with all the tools to ensure you are completely ready to begin. If you can provide the following details, we will be able to get you an accurate quote as quickly as possible:

  • Budget

  • Timeframe

  • Design, or design input

  • Ideas for customisations.

3. Do the work

After we have consulted, quoted and designed your renovation we can deliver quickly. Our extensive experience and in-house specialists are equipped to deliver so we don’t have to make any time-consuming call-ins. We offer a turn key service and clean up after ourselves, so you can come home to a reinvented and fully functional space.

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We cater for homes and investment properties all over Sydney.

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